The Healthy Breathing Centre assumes a great responsibility when treating your home. In addition to the practical needs of today’s residential client, we believe you deserve not just clean carpet and furniture, but a healthy environment for your family.

  • Low moisture, non toxic and eco friendly processes and solutions
  • Carpets and furniture are clean, dry and ready to use within 30 minutes or less
  • Stains are removed using environmentally friendly and safe treatments

The modern indoor environment is not the same as it was just ten years ago. Direct consumption of chemicals ranging from cosmetics to household cleaners along with indirect consumption in the form of furnishings and materials, has continued to explode. Today, the average home in the developed world typically contains 250 chemicals which if ingested could send an adult to hospital or worse, be fatal to a child.

In part due to a modern obsession with germs and their control, the extent of harmful chemicals we are surrounded by in the home has contributed to health problems too innumerous to count. Perhaps most notably represented in the persistent rates of respiratory illness and growing incidence of childhood allergies, whilst these issues are often closely tied to diet, there is no shortage of evidence that today’s household environment is a pool of allergenic material, unsafe chemicals and volatile organic compounds through normal use.

Many, if not the majority of conventional cleaning processes can cause the opposite effect when used, reducing the quality of the indoor environment by adding moisture or leaving unsafe chemical residue behind. The commercial cleaning industry and the retail cleaning product industries are loosely regulated when it comes to safety, resulting in many of today’s favourite household cleaning products being based on ingredients that have been categorised as dangerous or harmful, much to the common public’s lack of awareness.

The Healthy Breathing Centre service whether providing mattress sanitising, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or similar, has been designed with the above factors in mind. It helps to achieve a cleaner indoor environment by the toughest of comparisons, however it achieves this with no compromise of health or safety. Whether you or your family suffer from respiratory sensitivities or not, you will always have peace of mind with the Healthy Breathing Centre service.

Client Types
  • Residential home owners and occupiers
  • Letting and tenancy agents and management companies
  • Furniture and carpet rental and supply companies
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