We recognise that performance in the energy sector is measured not only in efficiency but in leadership. That is why we are proud to help operating companies and their suppliers to maintain accommodation standards that are not just clean, but measurably healthier for their people.

  • Lab tested efficacy in mattress, carpet and upholstery sanitising
  • Rapid treatment time, no down time
  • Empowers the operating company to exhibit occupational leadership in accommodation maintenance practise

Healthy Breathing Centre logistics management is designed to ensure a seamless delivery of services in all applications and circumstances. Our logistics personnel understand the intricacies of working both directly with camp management and operating companies and indirectly via suppliers of integrated facilities management whether located onsite or offsite.Our operators are au fait with the additional risk management procedures which are an accepted part of working in the energy supply space.

We take pride in not only providing a green, specialised sanitising service to the energy sector, but in understanding the greater priorities of each client. Environmental risk management both indoors and outdoors is a primary concern for every operating company, whether providing fixed or mobile accommodation.

Client Types
  • Dedicated camp management companies fixed and mobile
  • Independent energy accommodation suppliers
  • Facilities management companies
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