Curtains and Upholstery

Treating curtains and upholstery must be carried out with care due to the common variations in materials and design. Material composition and colour fastness make a difference to the optimal treatment process, whether performing stain removal, general cleaning or deep cleaning and sanitisation.

Subject to material, curtain cleaning can be performed using regular or low moisture methodology, due to the larger surface to air ratio of the item when compared to furniture items such as couches.



Upholstery cleaning, couch cleaning and leather treatment are all processes which should be carried out with a minimal amount of moisture due to the restricted surface to air ratio and density of material.

The Healthy Breathing Centre process for curtain and upholstery cleaning and sanitising  is a green, low moisture process which utilises non-toxic treatments. It is highly effective in restoring item to their cleanest whilst targeting allergens and common contaminants with proprietary Healthy Breathing Centre anti microbial and anti allergen treatments.

Curtain cleaning, couch cleaning and the cleaning and sanitisation of all upholstery are all vital practises in maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment.

The Healthy Breathing Centre process is safe, effective, has low to no drying time and is gentle on furniture items.


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