Carpet cleaning and sanitising


Unique Carpet Cleaning & Sanitisation for Peace of Mind

Why our service is different:

Carpet cleaning is a process which can simultaneously address many health related areas your home or workplace, in addition to just giving you a clean ‘looking’ carpet.

Have you ever had your carpets cleaned, only for the stains to come back the next day? Or perhaps the carpet and underlay was left damp and soggy and never quite recovered from the damp smell?

Our competitors come in using hot steam and water vapour based cleaning methods, hardly cleaning properly and often without correct pre-extraction to remove things like skin cells, dust and debris.

Furthermore, that water they use is proven to encourage the spread of mould and other bacteria.

Health Protect International however, is going beyond cleaning and actually sanitising those high traffic areas, where you sit, play and sleep.

Our proprietary 8 Stage Process uses no water, which helps us to make sure we’re getting your home clean and keeping it clean

The Eight Stage Cleaning and Sanitising Process

  1. It begins with a complete extraction of all forms of particles, debris, skin cells, dust mites and a host of contaminants which accumulate in the everyday carpet
  2. The second stage involves a triple strength germicidal UVC treatment, which is the same technology as used in the medical industry for instrument sterilisation
  3. Stubborn stains are targeted with one of more than 12 purpose designed stain treatments
  4. A proprietary formulation called Crystal Technology™ is applied to the area
  5. The Rotary Deep Pulse™ System is operated across the surface, using vibration rather than rotation to activate the solution and displace any stains or marks
  6. A low toxicity virucide and germicide helps to prevent dust mites and pathogens from proliferating
  7. The only lab proven and certified Anti-Allergen Treatment in the world is applied
  8. A final application of Crystal Technology™ is applied to the area. The carpet pile is then groomed and reset

If you want your home or workplace to be not just clean, but healthy, then choose Health Protect International to clean and sanitise your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning - Before and After Shot

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