About Us

The Healthy Breathing Centre specialises in a green and healthy, low moisture carpet and upholstery maintenance process, designed especially for people with respiratory sensitivities.

The Healthy Breathing Centre provides a broad range of services which include mattress sanitising, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning to a range of clients from residential home owners or occupiers to multi-national facilities management companies across Australia and New Zealand.

As the licensor of the Health Protect International network, Healthy Breathing Centre operators are professionally trained and supported in all aspects of the services which they provide.

Operating arguably the most sophisticated internal booking coordination system in the industry, the Healthy Breathing Centre network is unprecedented in its ability to fulfil client needs on a national or international scale. Private, government and not for profit sector clients and their facilities management providers have been relying on the Healthy Breathing Centre network as a single solution throughout Australia or New Zealand for nearly ten years.

Healthy Breathing Centre sees beyond the next job and understands the finer points of what each client industry needs and wants. Environmental responsibility has never been as important as what it is today to most industries and companies and is much more than a point of difference or distant obligation.

Both direct and facilities management company users of the Healthy Breathing Centre service, can be assured that the processes being employed to clean their carpets, sanitise their mattresses and maintain their upholstery are saving litres of water, are safe for human exposure and most importantly of all are fulfilling of their promise.

What is the Healthy Breathing Centre network today has been previously recognised with numerous commendations including multiple Gold Coast and Queensland State Business Award category wins, the My Business Magazine Best Small Business Award and a feature on the BRW Fast Starters List.